Let me tell you a
Patagonian love story…

After growing up and studying Destination Management in North Carolina, and working in Event Planning in Washington DC. I decided to move to Chile to work and improve my Spanish. I would have never guessed that this would take me to the southernmost region in the world… Patagonia.

After a few short months, I had fallen in love with the place and decided to found Venture Patagonia at the age of 22. I felt I had to show the rest of the world the magic of this land, to help others not only visit, but feel its spirit.

After my first season, I had already found my favorite place, Estancia La Peninsula, a working ranch operated by one of the families who first settled the land in the late 1800’s. This was unlike anywhere I had ever been… it seemed like a fairytale, white horses roaming freely across the horizons, the wide open golden grasslands leading up to the pebble beaches that run along the glacier-fed fjord.

This ranch was run unlike any other I had visited in the region.. they were deeply focused in sustainability and every detail of your experience. So it only seemed fitting when they had an open office in their restored original house in the town center, run by the family’s oldest son, Kevin, that Venture had found it’s place.

After moving into the office, I got to know Kevin. I was intrigued to learn that not only was he a 5th generation Patagonian rancher, born in Puerto Natales, but also had lived in several countries, travelled the world and returned because of his love for this land. We instantly became friends and caught ourselves losing track of time, talking for hours.

One day he invited me to go to Baguales, a mountain range two hours north of Puerto Natales, a hidden gem where his family has an estancia at the end of the winding dirt road. We spent the entire day riding through the vast mountains checking on the cattle… my first time experiencing the gaucho lifestyle. To top off the day, we returned galloping… something I had never done. As the strong wind hit my face, without another person in sight… this was the moment that I knew there was no looking back. I had now fallen for more than just the land.

After several months of dating, Kevin proposed in Redwood National Park while on a west coast road trip in the US and we got married shortly after. We decided Patagonia was going to be our home and we returned to Puerto Natales. Now, we have turned our beloved office into a welcome lounge, Chilean Handicraft store, fossil deposit and research center, and the headquarters of Venture Patagonia. 

If you want to make your travels more than just a trip but a memorable experience and feel the heart of Patagonia, then you’ve come to the right place. We not only work with the locals, we are the locals. 

We are looking forward to meeting you with our three children, Philippa, Eliana & Iver. 

– Carrie MacLean

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In the southernmost region of South America lies Patagonia, known for its majestic mountains and incandescently blue icebergs, but home to so much more. Here, nature grows wild and the vibrant local culture flourishes, making Patagonia unlike any other place on earth.

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