Experience El Chaltén,
and Los Glaciares National Park

Destination Highlights

Backpack the famous loop trail of Huemul Circuit in a breathtaking 4-day hike.

Hike through forests and glaciers to Cerro Torre in Los Glaciares National Park.

Thrill at the panoramic views of the Patagonian Ice Fields at Paso del Viento.

Spot condors in the wild, which regularly fly Mirador Los Condores.

Hike the popular trek to Laguna de Los Tres and enjoy its stunning views of Mount Fitz Roy.

El Chaltén

A backpacking town like no other, El Chaltén is right by the entrance to the main hikes in Los Glaciares National park, with Mount Fitz Roy peaking over it.

Nothing feels so wonderful as a day hike to one of main routes, to come back down to one of the hotels right by the city.

Enjoy breathtaking views and landscapes, with amazing photo opportunities.

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Inspiring Bespoke Experiences

In the southernmost region of South America lies Patagonia, known for its majestic mountains and incandescently blue icebergs, but home to so much more. Here, nature grows wild and the vibrant local culture flourishes, making Patagonia unlike any other place on earth.

Unveiling Clarity

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Patagonia’s magic transcends seasons! Each period unveils unique wonders, with seasons being opposite to the northern hemisphere.

Summer (Dec-Mar) boasts warm days perfect for exploring El Chaltén, or anywhere in the region. Enjoy the long days with sunshine up until 10 or 11 pm.

Fall (Apr-May) paints the landscapes in fiery hues, offering tranquility with fewer crowds and calmer winds, and the temperature dropping. Days start to get shorter as you move closer to winter.

Winter (Jun-Aug) Cold winter sets and the area and National Park, gets fully snowed. Prepare to bring you snow shoes, and a headlight as days become shorter and shorter.

Spring (Sep-Nov) As spring awakens, diverse weather creates an exciting gamble – witness wildflowers bloom or bask in sunshine across the region.

Remember, Patagonia’s heart beats year-round, so choose your season, pick your adventure, and let us guide you through it!

Patagonia is like island of tranquility and safety! Argentina boasts excellent safety records, comparable to many developed nations, with Patagonia on the safest side. No special vaccinations are required.

Patagonia’s magic unfolds at various price points! Our adventures typically start around $800 USD per person per day, encompassing private transportation, comfortable accommodations, guided excursions, and bespoke experiences.

Seeking a more relaxed pace? “Basic” experiences start from $700 daily.
Upgraded accommodations? “Medium” experiences will be around $900,
Looking for unparalleled luxury? “Luxury” experiences, can be around $1200 per day.

Remember, these are starting points – we tailor experiences to your needs.

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