Experience Antarctica,
the last untouched wilderness

Welcome to Antarctica

To feel like a Local

  • Swim : Take a cold plunge in the Antarctic ocean
  • Watch : Frozen Planet
  • Sleep : A night in the snow in Antarctica
  • Cruise : Sail from Ushuaia across Drake passage
  • Drink : A glass of whisky before open air sleep in the snow
  • Not to miss : Emperor Penguin colony

Destination Highlights

Cruise among 4 types of penguin colonies & witness icy calvings

Get up close and personal, kayaking with whales & seals

Witness the Aurora Australis paint the southern skies

Dive beneath the pack ice, an see the world in pristine blue

Hike volcanic Penguin Island, and feel the earth roar


Antarctica is truly a must for any true explorer’s heart. The feeling that you are in one of the last untouched wildernesses on Earth is something else.

The sheer magnitude of the ice sculpted landscapes, and the teeming wildlife, ranging from Penguin Colonies, whales, seals, and more, makes it an nature enthusiast’s must.

And to have all that, with active expeditions during the days, and top class cruises with expert guides and naturalists on board, just blows my mind everytime.

Venture Experiences Founder & South America enthusiast

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How working with us will feel and what makes us unique.

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We tailor every experience to your group interests, to make the most out of your time. We hand pick, try and love every experience we recommend.

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Where to go?

In the southernmost region of South America lies Patagonia, known for its majestic mountains and incandescently blue icebergs, but home to so much more. Here, nature grows wild and the vibrant local culture flourishes, making Patagonia unlike any other place on earth.

Inspiring Bespoke Experiences

In the southernmost region of South America lies Patagonia, known for its majestic mountains and incandescently blue icebergs, but home to so much more. Here, nature grows wild and the vibrant local culture flourishes, making Patagonia unlike any other place on earth.

Our guests FAQ's

All you need to know to start planning confidently the trip of your dreams.

The best time to visit is during the Antarctic summer, with most cruises sailing from late November to early March.

Going in autumn or winter is nearly impossible, as the coast becomes packed with impenetrable thick ice, and temperatures as low as -60 degrees.

With that in mind, finding the best time of the year to travel can be dependent on the type of excursions and wildlife you would like to experience.

Here are our recommendations per month:

November: For the early movers in the season, you will find untouched virgin snow, and the best season to spot mating penguins. Its considered spring for Antarctica and the floating ice starts to break up. Average temperatures of 28°F.

Recommended as best for photographers due to the pristine conditions found.

December: Fly in cruises start to fly. Long days will reach 20+ hours of sunlight. Wildlife explodes with newborn seals, whales, and seabirds. Penguin chicks begin to hatch from the middle of the month. Prices go up sharply due to Christmas holidays.

January: The peak of the Antarctic summer, with average temperatures near 36°F, and highs up to 60° F. Sunlight remains at 20+ hours during the whole month. This makes it more likely that you will get to enjoy more activities off the ships. Spot various species of seals playing around in addition to the penguin chicks. Its also the first time during the season where you’ll get Polar Circle Voyages, as the ice opens up.

February: Best month to mix different types of activities, including camping directly on the ice. Whale season starts as they migrate south to feast on krill: you get to spot different species like orcas, sperm whales and humpbacks. Sailing to the Polar Circle gets to it’s peak.

March: Last opportunities to spot the humpbacks and orcas pods, as by mid march they start migrating north. Penguin chicks that grew over the summer are seen at their most playful and brave. You start to get shorter days as autumn starts. You will be able to find better prices compared to the peak season.

Remember, Antarctica’s heart beats all summer. So choose your season, pick your adventure, and let us guide you through it!

An essential part of any Antarctica trip is selecting how to get there, and how long to stay there.

We recommend selecting one of the two most popular options: Flying or Cruising.

Flying to Antarctica: Reaches the peninsula in 2 hours, rather than 2 full days sailing the rough Drake Passage. Flights leave Punta Arenas or Puerto Natales, Chile and land on King George Island, where you will get to board your cruise. Its great for those in a less flexible schedule.

Keep in mind that flying conditions vary fast, and your flight can be cancelled or delayed by several hours, so some flexibility is recommended.

Cruise from Ushuaia: The most common alternative is to board your cruise in Ushuaia, Argentina to sail the 2-day long Drake Passage. It’s an unforgettable experience that reminds you of the voyages of Shackleton, but in an all inclusive state-of-the-art ship, loaded with Expert naturalists and scientists.

The cruising over the passage can range from completely relaxed (a Drake Lake) to a non stop rough shake (a Drake Shake) depending on weather conditions, famous for being unpredictable, and some old fashioned luck.

Antarctica’s magic unfolds at various price points! Our Antarctica adventures typically start around $10,000 USD.

Prices will vary significantly from ship to ship, depending on dates, cabin type and the activities you want to experience.

Seeking for a basic accommodation? “Basic” experiences will start around $10,000 per person,

Looking for unparalleled luxury? “Luxury” experiences start around $20,000 per person, and can go over 40,000 for the more premium cabins and ships.

Remember, these are starting points – we tailor experiences to your needs.

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